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It is quite common for my kids to look at our pantry and whine, “There is nothing in the house to eat.”  Of course what they really mean is there are no potato chips left and they will have to pick a healthy snack, but for many kids in America hunger and lack of food is a reality.  Child hunger in this country is an epidemic, and it is one that largely goes unnoticed.  Estimates are that 17 million children in America suffer from food insecurity, which is an unbelievably huge number!  That is about one in five American children, and in a country as rich as the United States that statistic is ridiculous and needs to be fixed!


CHEH_Single_Logo_leanrightTo help fight this problem ConAgra Foods created the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign, which is now in 4th year. They are working with musical artists, moms, kids, and employees to donate up to 3 million meals to Feeding America.  Helping is very simple, all you need to do is look for the big red pushpin on ConAgra Food products that you buy, and then enter the 8 digit code online.  For every code entered ConAgra will donate one meal to Feeding America.

These codes are on products you are probably buying and using anyway, so it takes very little effort on your part.  Some of the brands included are Hunts, Peter Pan, and Healthy Choice.  I had my kids to search my pantry for foods we already owned that had the red pushpin, and they came up with quite a few.


You can enter the codes online at or you can just enter them in the widget on the sidebar of my blog.  My kids and I are going to make sure we look for the red push pin as we shop over the next few months.  Another way you can help is by entering your zipcode when you enter your code. This enters your local Feeding America food bank into a nationwide competition for an 80,000 meal donation.

The music artists supporting this are:

  • Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Tori Kelly
  • Amber Riley
  • Cody Simpson

Tori, Cody and Amber have recorded versions of an original song called “Fill A Heart” to support the campaign, and here is Tori’s version.

You can find all the versions of the song here.

Also ConAgra Foods would love if my readers could fill out this quick survey on Child Hunger:
This will help them gauge the effectiveness of their efforts to raise awareness and make a difference.  It is only a few questions and takes about 30 seconds to finish, so please take the time to complete it!
Disclosure: I am a blog ambassador for Child Hunger Ends Here.  Opinions are always my own.


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    What a great thing that ConAgra is doing. It amazes me how many kids are hungry in our country! It is heartbreaking. Thanks for shedding light on this great program.

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    Any little thing helps — being a teacher I see all kinds of struggling families which puts it into your a new perspective for your own family!

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