Cute New Video for Dogswell Jerky Bars

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. All opinions expressed are my own.

If your dog could talk what would he or she say?  My dog would definitely ask for food, just like the dog in this new ad for Dogswell Jerky Bars!

Dogswell, is a premium brand of pet food and treats and is launching improved recipes and fresh, vibrant packaging for their complete line of Jerky Bars. The new product contains more protein than before and features real food ingredients that pet parents can see.  The breakdown is simple: 85% protein, 15% fruits & veggies and 0% bad stuff.

Dogswell is also providing a special $1 off coupon so your pooch can sample these yummy treats. Just Like them on Facebook to receive this offer: $1 off Jerky Bars

So what do you think your dog would say if he could talk?


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