Heelys Shoe Review #Heelys

My 12 year old son has seen Heelys many times when his friends have worn them.  He recently had the chance to try out a pair of his own, and after trying them he discovered they take a little practice to use!  He received a pair of original Heelys, with one removable wheel in the shoe.  The wheels allow the user to transition from a walk to a roll by shifting the weight to the heel, where the wheel is.  At first my son felt he didn’t need any assistance, after all he had seen other people use Heelys before.  But after he fell a few times he agreed that maybe some help was needed.


Luckily Heelys has a useful Skate101 section on their website where they have videos and tutorial on how to use the shoes for “Heeling”.  My son watched a few videos, and then he was able to glide around the dining room – as long as he used the table for pushing off.

He has kept working on it and is getting better at transitioning between gliding and walking.  My son hasn’t used the shoes outside much yet, because right now there are so many leaves on the ground it makes for a slipping hazard.  The Heelys are a fun pair of shoes for any one who is young or young at heart.  It is kind of neat to be able to take off rolling instead of just walking.  I also like the fact that you can pop the wheels out and use them as regular sneakers.  This makes them much more versatile, since there are some places Heelys should not be worn (like church!) 

IMG_9946 (379x640)Heelys also makes the Heelys HX2 shoe, which has 2 removable wheels per shoe, and is perfect for younger children or beginners.  They also are offering the Nano, which is an inline footboard that is for experienced Heely users.  If you are thinking of Heelys for a present this Holiday Season Heelys is offering a Black Friday special.  Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders.

You can connect with Heelys on their website, Facebook or twitter to learn more.

    Disclosure: I received a pair of Heelys to review, all opinions are my own.


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