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Saving energy is important to me and my family, both so we can save money and so we can use resources wisely.  It can be tough to know what to do to save energy, but here are some things that work for us.

  1. Turn off the Lights – it is obvious I know, but the kids still forget. Sometimes it seems like we just follow them around, shutting off lights behind them.
  2. Wash Laundry in Cold Water – the clothes get just as clean, and you don’t use energy to heat up the water.
  3. Hang Laundry Outside to Dry – This time of year it is great to have a clothesline.  We also just drape towels over the deck railing.
  4. Use Low Flow Showers and Faucets – The less water you use the less the water heater runs.
  5. Use Energy Efficient Lighting – CFL bulbs and other energy efficient bulbs have come a long way in the past few years. It used to be that Compact Fluorescent bulbs were ugly and bulky.  They also would have a delay between the time you flipped the switch and the time they flickered on, and would gradually get brighter after about 5 minutes.  But not any more.


    The Energy Smart Bright From the Start line from GE eliminates all those issues.  They look like regular bulbs, and use hybrid technology that allows them to achieve full brightness right away.  They use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb, quite impressive!


    Even if you just can’t use a CFL bulb for some reason you can still save energy.  The Energy Efficient Soft White line from GE use 28% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.  That is not as good as a CFL, but it is still a savings.
      When we moved into our house 4 years ago we went through an added a bunch of energy efficient bulbs. So when I was challenged to replace my remaining bulbs with these new energy efficient ones I figured there wouldn’t be that many to replace.  But when I went through the house I kept finding bulb after bulb that needed to be replaced.  I guess we have a lot more bulbs than I realized, and a lot fewer energy efficient ones than I thought we did!  In the end I counted up 28 bulbs that we needed to be replaced.  I headed to Walmart to check out their selection of energy efficient bulbs.  You can see all the details of my shopping trip in my Google Plus Photo album.

      Some of the bulbs that we didn’t replace before were on a dimmer switch, and it used to be that you couldn’t use CFL bulbs with a dimmer.  But I was pleased to find out that now you can buy dimmable CFL bulbs.

      After I got home I swapped out all the old bulbs with the new ones.  You can see there is very little difference in how the bulbs look.001 has a savings calculator that allows you to figure out how much you can save.  I calculated our savings and came up with $223 for the year.  Since I spent just over $200 on the lights that means we will break even in just one year! Try it and see how much you can save.


      Even if you don’t want to change all your light bulbs at once you can still save energy and money by changing the ones you use most.  Here is a coupon you can print out to save some money on energy efficient lighting. Just click on the picture to print the coupon.

      You can connect with GE on Twitter and Facebook:

        Check out the new lights in my ceiling fan!  The lights are nice and bright, and look great.


      Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and GE. #CBias #SocialFabric  All opinions are my own.


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    It’s amazing the little ways we can save money on energy. We turned down the heat on our water heater and our gas bill went down $30 from last month and our power bill went down more than $80! It’s the little things really.
    Alyssa McVey recently posted..Discovering Diastasis

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    Thanks for sharing these great tips! We switched to CFL bulbs a while ago and while they’re a little more expensive up front, it’s absolutely amazing that we haven’t had to buy a new lightbulb since–they last so long!

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    I’m currently using these bulbs and cant remember the last time I changed them. The only down fall is they take a few minutes to warm up which isn’t an issue until I need instant light in the hall way. Other than that they are great!


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