Valentine’s Day Chocolate Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day desserts chocolate is almost mandatory! Chocolate and Valentines go together, whether you are looking for a decadent chocolate cake or a simpler, less calorie laden dessert like crepes.  Why chocolate?  Scientist have discovered that it contains an endorphin, phenylethylamine, levels of which in the brain have been linked to falling in love.  Or maybe it is just because it tastes so good!  Either way, here are some delicious chocolate Valentines Day desserts, many of which also include red fruit, like raspberries, cherries or strawberries, so you can feel less guilty about all the chocolate you are eating.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Desserts

Just click on an image below to find the recipe for one of these delicious desserts.

Are you making something special for Valentine’s Day this year?


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