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Winter is winding down, and that means spring allergy season is right around the corner!  White Cloud knows that between winter flu season, spring allergies and everything in between “Noses Need Hugs too”.  That is why they have designed White Cloud Facial Tissue to be the perfect companion when your nose brings you down. White Cloud products are soft and comforting, just what you need when you are under the weather for any reason.

One of the great things about White Cloud products, which are carried exclusively at Walmart, is that they are premium quality at a reasonable price.  For something disposable like tissues it doesn't make sense to spend more than you need to!  I also like the great designs on the White Cloud boxes, and with 19 designs there is something for everyone.

Right now White Cloud is running the Ultimate Comfort Sweepstakes, where you can win and Ultimate Comfort Package which includes:

  • Set of four (4) bath sheets
  • Set of four (4) coffee mugs
  • One (1) pair of slippers
  • One (1) bath robe
  • One (1) queen-sized sheet set
  • One (1) electric blanket
  • One (1) tea assortment
  • One (1) White Cloud Facial Tissue multipack

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Check out the Sweepstakes Rules and Regulations  for all the details. When I have a cold I find the best way to make it go away is rest.  It seems obvious, but so many people (especially moms) try to work through it, and do everything they normally do.  But not giving your body the time to recover just makes the illness hang around longer.  So I like to snuggle up in bed and read or sleep until I feel better, and let my family fend for themselves for a while.  Let me know your tips for feeling better!

Sweepstakes Rules and Regulations

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