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10 Romantic Movies for Guys

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it is time to think about romantic movies.  When it comes to romantic movies most guys aren’t interested in typical chick flicks or tear jerkers like The Notebook. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of romantic movies that will appeal to men!  There are, it just needs to be a movie with action, adventure, or comedy along with the romance, not mushy stereotypes and overly dramatic music.

10 Romantic Movies Guys Will Enjoy - Guys want a romance movie that has comedy or action, not a tear jerker! Here are 10 romantic movies you can both enjoy watching.

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Luckily, plenty of romance movies that fit the bill, and offer enjoyment for everyone.  Here are 10 romantic movies that most guys will enjoy watching with a sweetheart!

Groundhog Day – Bill Murray plays an arrogant TV weatherman, who is doomed to repeat the same day over and over, until he learns to examine his priorities and finds love.

The Princess Bride – This is one of my favorite all time movies, and in addition to a fairy tale romance it includes torture, revenge, rodents of unusual size, sword fights and many memorable lines.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – This movie shows a break up through a guy’s eye, as a composer is dumped by his long time girlfriend for a rock star, and he has to learn to love again.

Romancing the Stone – In this action packed adventure Kathleen Turner plays a romance novelist who encounters Michael Douglas in the jungles of Columbia, and has to face hazards like drug dealers and crocodiles as they fall in love.

10 Things I Hate About You – This retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew is set in a typical American high school, and is a rare teen comedy that adults can enjoy.

There’s Something About Mary – This comedy classic has plenty of low brow humor to go along with the story of a man who still pines for the girl who was his date to his high school prom.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – This is the only science fiction movie in the list, a bittersweet story in which two lovers choose to erase the memories of their failed romance.

(500) Days of Summer – The non-linear narrative structure of this movie tells the story of a young man’s pursuit of his first love.

Bull Durham – This classic sports movie has a minor league baseball player, played by Kevin Costner, falling for a baseball groupie played by Susan Sarandon.

Jerry Maguire – Another sports movie with Tom Cruise as a jaded sports agent who doesn’t recognize the love that is right in front of him.

What is your favorite romantic movie?

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  1. Thanks or mentioning these wonderful romantic movies for men in front of valentine’s day. I am a man of loving movies especially comedy style, but I also love to watch romantic movies. I will keep some names from this list in front of this upcoming valentines. It would be also great to have one on one video chat with girls and create some wonderful moments in your life.


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