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Angry Birds Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bounce Game Review

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Hasbro has a new game out that combines Angry Birds with Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon Bounce Game.  Putting together two such hugely popular franchises seems like a fun idea, and I knew my son would enjoy testing out this new game.  Hasbro sent us a copy to try out, and we had fun bouncing balls and trying to knock down cardboard pigs.

Star Wars Angry Birds

The game is based around a cardboard and plastic model of the Millennium Falcon.  You set the model up, and then launch balls at the table and try to bounce them to knock down pigs, or land the ball inside the Millennium Falcon.  There are point scoring rules, but my son was more interested in throwing balls around than actually keeping score.

Bouncing the Ball at the Millennium Falcon

The balls (or “birds”) are Star Wars characters – Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Hans Solo.  They are quite bouncy which adds to the fun, as they ended up bouncing all over the kitchen.  The directions suggest using the box as a backstop to the game, but we still ended up with balls flying all around.

Star Wars Angry Birds Bounce

The Millennium Falcon base is pretty cute, and sturdy. This game was cute and encouraged active play and lots of laughter. Star Wars day is coming up soon, on May 4th, and a game like this would be a fun way to celebrate.

Hasbro has a bunch of other Star Wars themed Angry birds games, including the Angry Birds Star Wars At-At Attack Battle Game and Angry Birds Star Wars Foam Flyers

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