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Battleship Game

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Classic Battleship Movie EditionThe movie Battleship is coming out in just a few weeks, and to celebrate Hasbro is rolling out a new edition of the classic game, the Classic Battleship Movie Edition game.  They sent me a copy try with my family, and we found out that the game is the standard Battleship, with a little bit of a twist!  Players choose to command either the Navy or Alien fleet and can unleash brand new super weapon cards to destroy their opponent.  The new addition of super weapons makes the game a little more exciting, but it still retains most of the things that you know and expect from Battleship.


Battleship is one of those games that we have played over and over in my house.  It is perfect because it is only a two player game, so it works for nights that we can’t all play a game together.  Plus the strategy involved in placing your ships and finding your opponents can be quite difficult.


By on May 2nd, 2012

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  1. Well, at the moment, with my crowd, it’s a Cinderella game, with a “magic” shoe that they press…. LOL But they are getting older now, and I am trying to get them to play “sorry”. Battleship would be super, too! I really want this version. Since they DO watch Sci-Fi shows with me- this version rocks!

  2. RISK! It is our family game, (husband is military) and on the weekends we have everyone in our culdesac come over and play risk while the kids play UNO. Lol

  3. Our favorite board game is Operation (that’s a board game, right?). And our favorite game of all is Uno.

  4. We like playing Life.

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