Cabela’s Father’s Day Sale with Giveaway

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Father’s Day is coming soon, have you decided on a present for your Dad or the special man in your life yet? My husband loves fishing, and some of our best family memories are of him teaching the kids to fish.

Fishing from a Row Boat

Fishing is a great way to bond together as a family. We enjoy being out in nature together, and laughing at the small fish that we catch – and the big ones that always seem to get away.

Tiny Fish

So naturally when it comes to Father’s Day my kids and I think that a fishing related present is the perfect Father’s Day gift! I have been checking out the Father’s Day Gift Guide at Cabela’s, and I think this Garmin echo 501c Sonar would be the perfect gift for my husband.


This sonar would be perfect for mounting in our boat to find out where the fish are hiding under the water. Who knows, with this sonar maybe my husband would actually land one of those big fish that always get away!

Cabela’s understands how important fathers are, and how much they enjoy sharing the outdoors with their family. So from Thursday, June 11 through Sunday, June 21, 2015 you can find incredible savings on quality outdoor equipment such as fishing rods, sleeping bags, optics, grills and more during Cabela’s Father’s Day Sale.

Cabela’s has put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide so you can find the perfect gift for the outdoorsy dad in your life.  Maybe your Dad needs a sonar for the boat like my husband, or maybe he needs a new rod and reel.  There are gift suggestions for hunters, shooters, campers or chefs, all of which will make Father’s Day 2015 one your dad will never forget.

So show your appreciation for the guy who is always there for outdoor adventures, and always willing to pitch a tent or bait a hook! 


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  1. hubby could definitely use some new fishing equipment. He’s been mentioning that he wants to go fishing now for a month!

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