Candy Corn Wreath

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I saw a cute Candy Corn Wreath on Pinterest, and decided I had to make one of my own.

I had almost an entire bag of candy corn left after making the Candy Corn Fruit and Yogurt Parfait earlier in the week, so this seemed like the perfect way to use it up. I suppose eating it would have worked too, but that seemed like a bad idea!

Candy corn can be pretty addictive to eat, so turning it into a decoration is a great way to eliminate the temptation.


Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial

I used a simple styrofoam wreath as a base. Using one that is flat makes it a lot easier to glue on the candy corn!  I painted it black to make the candy corn stand out better, and waited for it to dry.

A festive wreath made of candy corn.

Then I glued the candy corn to the styrofoam in rows, which alternated the direction of the candy corn.  I used brown and orange candy corn for the middle row to add a little more color interest to the wreath.

Halloween candy wreath.

I started by using tacky glue to hold the candy down, but quickly realized that wouldn’t work. The water in the glue made the candy corn soften, and made a mess.  So I started over using hot glue, which worked much better.

A person spraying a candy corn wreath.

Once the candy was glued down I sprayed the wreath with clear spray paint to protect the candy corn. I used black duct tape to make a “ribbon” to hang the wreath. It came out looking cute, but it is a little fragile.  I decided to hang it on the wall instead of the door, because I think opening and closing the door is liable to knock some candy corn off!

What seasonal decorations are you planning for Halloween this year?


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