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Browned Butter Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies – they are simple and so delicious. So when I saw a recipe for Browned Butter Sugar Cookies on Pinterest I was intrigued, and knew I had to make some of my own.


I changed up the recipe that I found on Bake or Break by dipping them in candy corn colored sprinkles to make them more seasonal, and they look and taste great!

Yogurt Parfait with Plum Cherry Compote

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I am always looking for quick breakfast ideas, like the new Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups. These are a convenient and easy shelf stable yogurt product, that combines granola, fruit and yogurt, all in a single serving size. I combined the Yogurt Cups with a simple plum and cherry compote for a delicious and easy Yogurt Parfait, perfect for breakfast.

Yogurt Parfait with Plum Cherry Compote - an easy and quick breakfast idea featuring yogurt and fruit

As soon as I heard about these Yogurt Cups I knew I had to try them because I love the idea of shelf stable yogurt. I have seen nothing like this before, and headed to Walmart to pick up some of the flavors.

Lemon Tassies

Lately I’ve been making mostly mini-sized desserts – like these bite sized Lemon Tassies.

Lemon Tassies - bite sized tarts filled with tangy lemon curd - a perfect mini dessert

Small desserts are perfect for me, because I am trying to eat better and lose weight, but I can’t give up desserts completely! So small desserts let me have a little bit, but not too much.

Bite sized desserts are also perfect for a party, and are a great way to let guests sample a variety of treats. These tarts have a pastry crust filled with a sweet homemade lemon curd.

Backyard S’mores Bar

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S’mores are one of my family’s favorite summer desserts! Of course they are a necessity for camping trips, but they are perfect for a S’Mores Summer party in your own backyard too.

Backyard S'mores Bar for family fun

Last week I created this Backyard S’mores Bar for an easy weeknight family dessert. We have a very busy family schedule this summer. My daughters are home from college, but they both have jobs and are in and out of the house. My son is 16, and he is working too and is out sailing whenever he gets the chance. So when everyone is actually home for a weeknight dinner it is a special ocassion worthy of a fun weeknight dessert like S’mores.

Rocky Road Cookies

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These tasty Rocky Road Cookies are tasty chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts and marshmallows!

Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky Road is a popular ice cream flavor, so it only makes sense it would make a delicious cookie too.  This recipe is just a standard chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe with the addition of almonds and marshmallows.

Maple Cream Cookies

The theme this week for the Creative Cookie Exchange is sandwich cookies – and I made these tasty Maple Cream Cookies.

Maple Cream Cookies - a delicious cookie with creamy maple filling sandwiched between two spice cookies.

The cookie part of this recipe is a mild spice cookie flavored with real maple syrup.  Maple is one of my favorite flavors, and although it is a traditional fall flavor I like it all year round.  Baking these cookies made the whole house smell delicious too.

Lemon Peeps Pie

Here is a cute way to use Peeps to make pies for Easter. I made a standard lemon pie, but instead of topping it off with meringue I used a marshmallow Peep!

Lemon Peeps Pie #peeps #easter

Spring Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches

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Spring and Easter are perfect times for entertaining!  This spring I made these bright and cheerful Spring Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches for a colorful snack to have on hand for feeding company.

Spring Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches


When you know company is coming it is great to have things done ahead of time, so that you aren’t running around at the last moment preparing food.  These Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches are ideal for that, since they are made in advance and frozen until serving time. 

Easy Football Sugar Cookies

Looking for an easy dessert to make for the Super Bowl this weekend?  It is simple to make these football shaped cookies without a special cookie cutter.

Make football shaped cookies without a special cookie cutter. Quick and easy Super Bowl cookies

To make a football shape I used a circular cookie cutter.  First I cut out a circle shape, and then used the same cookie cutter to go over half the circle and make it a football shape.

Cranberry Pistachio Cereal Bars

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My family’s favorite breakfast cereal is Quaker® Oatmeal Squares, so I used it to make these tasty Cranberry Pistachio Cereal Bars for snacking.

Cranberry Pistachio Cereal Bars - an easy to make snack

Both my daughters are home from college now for Winter break, and it is great to have them home.  But we sure do go through more food when they are here!  They are constantly looking for snacks, and raiding the pantry.  So I decided I need to stock up on snack ideas for them to munch on.  My family doesn’t agree on much when it comes to food, but Quaker® cereal is one thing we all love to eat, and it is great for snacks in addition to breakfast.  So I headed to Walmart to pick up some snacks to get us through the holidays.

Peppermint Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite treats, because the combination of sweet and salty is perfect.  So for the holidays it made sense to me to make some chocolate pretzels and cover them with peppermints instead of sprinkles!

Peppermint Pretzels - Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods rolled in peppermint candy

These are simple to make, and lots of fun for kids to do too.  My kids’ favorite part is taking peppermint candies and hammering them to break them apart.  Just make sure you double bag the candies before hammering, or there will be peppermint dust everywhere.

Cranberry Orange Cookies

Cranberry Orange Cookies | Christmas Cookies | Holiday Cookies | Homemade Recipes for the Holidays | Cookie Exchange

I love the tangy taste of cranberries! These Cranberry Orange Cookies are a nice seasonal treat, and a deliciously different ways to use cranberries.

Cranberry Orange Cookies | Christmas Cookies | Holiday Cookies | Homemade Recipes for the Holidays | Cookie Exchange

A friend of mine gave me this recipe last year, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find cranberries at the grocery store until the beginning of November, so I had to wait a while! The recipe uses orange juice concentrate to add a hint of citrus to the cookies, which really brings out the flavor of the cranberries.

Pecan Tassies

Pecan Tassies - Traditional Christmas Cookies with buttery crust, brown sugar and pecans

Pecan Tassies are one of my favorite cookies, for Christmas or anytime of the year.  They are like eating mini pecan pies, with a rich buttery crust, brown sugar and crunchy pecans. They are easy to make too, and much less intimidating to make than a pie.  Instead of rolling out the dough in a big pie pan you simple press little balls of dough into a mini-muffin tin, and fill them with pecans and topping.

Orange Fanta Trifle for Halloween

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Halloween is just a few days away!  My teens are making final plans for costumes, and have decided that they want to be Zombies this year, with lots of fake blood and gruesome wounds.  I am making a few last minute recipes, because we have a few Halloween parties coming up and we can’t show up without goodies. I love the idea of making a cake using Fanta for Halloween, and in this recipe I made an Orange Fanta Trifle by layering Fanta cake with orange mousse for a tasty Halloween dessert.

Fanta Trifle - Fanta Cake layered with orange mousse, mandarin oranges and whipped cream #SpookySnacks #shop

People have been using Fanta in cakes for years, because the bubbles in the soda keep the cake fluffy and moist, and the bright orange soda is perfect for Halloween.  So I headed to Walmart to buy some Fanta for this recipe, and as a treat for my teens.

Cyclops Pretzel Rods

Chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect combination of sweet and salty! To celebrate Halloween I topped off some pretzel rods with eyeball gumballs for cute and creepy Cyclops Pretzels.

Cyclops Pretzel Rods - Sweet & Salty Halloween Treat

One of my favorite things about Halloween is all the weird and creepy desserts!  It is just fun to make treats around a theme. especially when a theme involves monsters, blood and other scary thing.  My son is reading the ancient Greek epic The Odyssey in his literature studies this year, and one of the most famous stories in that poem features the one eyed Cyclops, Polyphemus.  So it just seemed to make sense to make a Cyclops treat this Halloween. I am sure this is not exactly how Homer pictured the monster 2800 years ago, but it works for us!

Halloween Snack Pack Pudding Cupcakes

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I always enjoy cooking for holidays like Halloween.  It is fun to put things together in different ways and come up with cute (and tasty) seasonal desserts.  But frequently schedules are busy, and there is not a lot of time for baking complicated desserts from scratch, so easy to make desserts are important to have.  These Halloween Snack Pack Pudding Cupcakes are perfect for the holiday, but are made from convenience foods, so they are simple to create.

Halloween Pudding Cupcakes

For this dessert I wanted to make cupcakes with a creamy filling, but to simplify things I decided to use pre-made Snack Pack pudding cups for the filling. I headed to Walmart to pick up baking supplies, and found a big end cap display for Snack Pack puddings.  These Snack Pack pudding cups are the perfect size for packing in lunches, since they taste great and contain the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk. They are also good for adding to recipes, like these cupcakes.

SNICKERS Pretzel Snack – Football Fun

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Football season is just about underway! Whether it is a club, college, high school or professional teams are practicing and getting ready for another exciting season.  My family loves to watch football.  This year we are making an effort to see more games in person, instead of just watching on TV, and we are planning to attend our first game this week.  Of course football also means snacks, so to go along with our first game of the season I created this portable SNICKERS Pretzel Snack with cute little football bags.

Snickers Pretzel Snack #Chocolate4theWin #shop