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YesVideo Transfer Service Review and Giveaway

My husband and I bought our first video camera during my first pregnancy 19 years ago.  We bought an 8mm camera, and took video frequently when our children were young.  Then the camera broke and technology changed and everything went digital.  As a result we have a huge box of 8mm video tapes that we never even look at.  In fact my 15 year old daughter didn’t even realize we had video footage from when she was a baby, so I doubt we have watched one of those videos in at least 10 years!

Smothered Pierogies with Sausage

I like to cook food from all different cultures, because it is fun to try new things. I don’t get to travel much, but at least I can experience food from all over the world. This weekend I wanted to make a dish with pierogies. Pierogies are an eastern European dumpling that is stuffed with mashed potato filling, and I had a box sitting in my freezer just waiting to be used.  So when I was asked to create a meal with Hillshire Farm Gourmet Creations Sausage I thought it would be perfect to combine with the pierogies, because sausage and mashed potatoes are a great combination.