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Quick, Convenient Health Care this Summer

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Summer is the time of year for family fun and adventures, but unfortunately sometimes summer fun leads to minor medical issues. Whether it is a reaction to a bug bite, too long in the sun or an ankle sprain from paying Frisbee at the beach sometimes you need to see a doctor right away. That is when Five Star Urgent Care can help save the day and let you get back to your adventures quickly.

Five Star Urgent Care is open seven days a week providing “Quick, Convenient Care with Exceptional Service”. Even on holidays like July 4th they will be open and ready to help if someone in your family has non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.  It would be nice if medical issues were predictable , but we all know that it not how it works!

Summer Beach Reads – 10 Beach Mysteries

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Summer is a great time for catching up on reading – especially if you are relaxing on the beach! My favorite genre of books is mysteries, so here is a great collection of mystery stories to read on the beach this summer. All of them are set on the beach, so you can enjoy reading about murder in the sand and sun while you relax!

For great family dinner ideas check out my recipes for air fryer green beans and air fryer salmon.

10 Beach Mysteries for Summer Reading - Enjoy a mystery on the beach this summer as you relax in the sun and sand

Trolls Movie

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DreamWorks Animation’s new film Trolls will be in theaters on November 4th, and it looks hilarious. My kids had so many of these big haired trolls toys when they were little, seeing this really brings back memories!


From the creators of Shrek comes DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls, a smart, funny and irreverent comedy about the search for happiness, and just how far some will go to get it. This hilarious film transports audiences to a colorful, wondrous world populated by the overly optimistic Trolls, who have a constant dance in their step and a song on their lips, and the comically pessimistic Bergens, who are only happy when they have trolls in their stomachs.

Paper Towns Movie with Giveaway

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The movie Paper Towns will be in theaters July 24th!  This is a coming of age store centering on Quentin and his mysterious neighbor Margo, who suddenly disappears. She leaves behind cryptic clues for Quentin to decipher.

The search for Margo leads Quentin and his friends on an adventure that is both hilarious and moving. Quentin must find a deeper understanding of true friendship–and true love.

Strawberry Iced Tea Smoothie

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One of my goals for this summer is to be more active and fit! I recently turned 50, which has made me realized that I need to get healthier now.  Luckily my family supports this goal, and are willing to help keep me motivated. My 16 year old son is trying to build muscle, so we have been lifting weights together most days. My husband and I have been biking or walking in the evening so we both get the exercise that we need. Staying active is one of the best ways to avoid the aches and pains that getting older can bring.

I have also been trying to eat better too of course. My family and I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, so we get a huge box of fresh organic veggies every week. I am trying hard to eat all the vegetables we get, even when the box includes things my family is not a huge fan of, like beets. So I am making big salads for lunch and figuring out how to hide Swiss Chard in fritattas or smoothies so that my kids won’t complain. I haven’t figured out how to hide beets yet, they are just too colorful, so right now I am the only one eating those!


I am also improving the beverages that I drink. In the past few years I have been drinking way too much soda, so I am cutting back on soda and making it more of a treat instead drinking it multiple times a day! To substitute I am drinking fruit infused water and tea.

Taking Care of Our High Mileage Vehicles

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When it comes to cars I wish my family had shiny new low mileage cars – but that is not our reality.  I drive a 2007 Elantra and my daughters share a 2003 Oldsmobile – both high mileage vehicles.  And with three drivers and two cars this summer my family’s schedule is so busy that I rarely see my car and we need a spread sheet to figure out who has which car when!

caring for high mileage vehicles

My 22 year old daughter who just graduated from college, has what for her is a dream job this summer – working at a zoo.  She loves doing the hands on animal care, even if it means lots of cleaning cages and shoveling manure. Unfortunately her dream job is an hour away from our house, so the miles are adding up quickly on our vehicles.

Cabela’s Father’s Day Sale with Giveaway

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Father’s Day is coming soon, have you decided on a present for your Dad or the special man in your life yet? My husband loves fishing, and some of our best family memories are of him teaching the kids to fish.

Fishing from a Row Boat

Fishing is a great way to bond together as a family. We enjoy being out in nature together, and laughing at the small fish that we catch – and the big ones that always seem to get away.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do – so I try to make my cleaning tasks as smooth and fast as possible.  The kitchen is one of the worst rooms, because it is the center of most of our family activities, and it gets messy so fast! And our kitchen gets used for everything, not just cooking.  Just this weekend my oldest was using it to boil and assemble a fish skeleton for her fish anatomy lab – which was just as smelly and messy as it sounds.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips - How to get your kitchen sparkling clean in 15 minutes or less

But I find that with a little bit of focus and some help I can clean the kitchen up in 15 minutes – even if the kitchen has been used for messy biology projects.  Here is how I get my kitchen sparkling clean in 15 minutes or less!

Take a Coffee Break with McCafé Coffee

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Everyone needs a little “me” time – especially busy moms.  Sometimes it seems like I am being pulled in millions of different directions at once, between the kids, the pets, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and running errands.  So I try to take a little time for myself most afternoons, to relax and enjoy some downtime, and lately I have been taking a relaxing coffee break with a cup of McCafe coffee.

Ways to take a break and create relaxing "me" time

Most people think of coffee as a morning beverage, but I usually drink it in the afternoon.  I like to relax and really savor a cup of coffee, and my morning are usually much too hectic for that! By mid-afternoon I am ready to sit down and take some time to drink a cup of nice hot coffee as a way to recharge for the evening.

Herb Gardening Books

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I love cooking, and fresh herbs make dishes so much better! But they are expensive to buy, and the herbs I buy at the store just don’t last very long. So I have been investigating herb gardens, and am planning to start growing my own herbs now that spring is here.

herb gardening

Right now I have coriander and basil sitting on my kitchen window sill, but I want to expand and have more herbs available to me, so I am planning an outdoor herb garden.  Here are five great herb gardening books that can help you start one too!

Paddington – Free Activity Sheets & New Video Clip #PaddingtonMovie

The movie Paddington was released recently, and it is getting rave reviews! I loved these books as a kid, and this sounds like the perfect family comedy for winter fun.

This move is based on the classic novels by Michael Bond and tells the story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear who travels to the city in search of a home. He meets the Brown family who read the label around his neck that says “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” and offer him a temporary haven.

Artisans in the Andes – Every Color Beaded Necklace with Acai Seed

I received this gorgeous Acai Seed necklace from Artisans in the Andes to review! Pictures do not do justice to how lovely this fashionable bib necklace is.


This necklace is made mostly of acai nut, which grows on acai palms in the Amazon rainforest. Harvesting the seeds does not hurt the trees, so this is a great sustainable material for jewelry. This provides local people with a sustainable income and helps to prevent clear cutting the Amazon rain forest.

bottle of wine next to a wine glass

Uncorked Adventures Wine Club

Wine makes an excellent Christmas gift! I recently had the chance to receive a shipment from Uncorked Ventures wine club, to try out the variety of wines they offer.

Uncorked Adventures wine club

I like wine clubs because I don’t know that much about wine. It gets boring drinking the same wine every week, but when I go in a liquor store I am just overwhelmed by all the selections! With wine club experts pick out wine for me each month, and they select high scoring wines that I would probably never find on my own. Plus it is delivered right to my door, so it couldn’t be easier.