College Applications Done!!!

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My daughter’s college applications are (mostly) complete and submitted, finally!  This has been a huge undertaking, and the process took much longer than I expected.  Since my daughter is homeschooled I had to write:

  • School Profile – which explained how we approached high school and described all the outside classes my daughter took.
  • Homeschool Supplement – which explained our homeschooling philosophy and grading policies.  So finally, after homeschooling for 12 years, I now have a homeschooling philosophy.
  • Transcript – this took forever to do.  The hard part was formatting it to make it look professional but still include all the information that was needed.  I hate working with tables in Microsoft Works, it is so hard to make then line up right.
  • Counselor’s Letter of Recommendation – in which I explained to the schools why they should not only admit my daughter but give her large amounts of scholarship money too.  I actually had no idea what to write in this letter, but I figure the schools will be more interested in what her teacher’s recommendation letters say anyway.

My daughter still has 2 short supplemental essays to write.  It turns out two of the colleges she is applying to require an extra essay from homeschoolers, a fact we probably should have realized much earlier in the fall.  But other than that and following up with her teachers to make sure the recommendation letters actually get mailed she is finished, and I have three years before I have to worry about it with my next daughter.


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