Dogs Love Treats

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Dogs love to eat, and our dog Ziggy has a new favorite food – apples. We have apple trees in our front yard, and every time we let him out front now he makes a bee-line for the apples trees and starts munching all the ones that have dropped off the tree.


I guess it is a healthy snack – they have lots of fiber anyway! Another things dogs love is bacon – of course! Here is a cute rap video of a dog who loves bacon.

I don’t think Ziggy will ever be that cool!


What is your dog’s favorite treat?


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6 thoughts on “Dogs Love Treats”

  1. Hey, my dog is named Ziggy too but he hates apples. You have such a cool dog though-such an actor with the sunglasses on for the video. My Ziggy’s favorite treat somehow happens to be chicken and that is I guess very common for dogs. Anyways keep sharing. xx


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