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Doll House Progress Update

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My doll house project is continuing slowly. I did finish grouting the entry hall floor, so that is done. I also pulled a lot of stuff out of boxes and files to see what I had. Naturally there are things I was sure I had that I can’t find, and some things I don’t ever remember seeing before. I thought I had a staircase, but if I do I have no idea where it is. I checked out the plans for building staircases, and quickly decided to buy one, not build it. I found a ton of wiring supplies.

Dollhouse supplies
I have a degree in electrical engineering, so it shouldn’t be too hard to wire this right? But what I have is tape wire, which is great for doll houses because it is easy to paint over or hide under carpets. Since I’ve never used tape wire before I decided to order a pamphlet on how to use it so I can learn all the tricks for hiding it. So basically now I’m waiting for the things I’ve ordered to come. Once I get my package I think I’ll be able to finish the ground floor in a week or so and move on to the second floor.

By on February 22nd, 2010

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