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Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is one of those celebrations that just seems to call for a special centerpiece. After all the meal is the main focus of the holiday, so it makes sense to have an attractive and festive centerpiece for the dining room table. Here is a quick and easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece I made for our table this year.

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece - a simple basket filled with pine cones and lined with acorns is finished off with a sunflower floral spray.

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I took some simple natural materials from my backyard and combined them with a sunflower floral spray for a simple fall themed centerpiece.

Supplies for Thanksgiving centerpiece


  • 1 basket
  • 6 or 7 large pine cones
  • 20 acorns
  • glue dots
  • Sunflower floral spray


I have huge pine trees in my backyard, so I just gathered pine cones there, and found some acorns in the woods.  If you choose to use materials from nature, like I did, it is a good idea to bake them at 200 F for about an hour before using them. This dries them out and also kills and mold or anything else that might be living on them. Or you could buy pine cones and acorns at a craft store.

Arranging pine cones in the basket

To make the centerpiece I filled a Thanksgiving themed basket with pine standing them on end and filling the basket.

Sunflower floral spray

Then I put the sunflower floral spray in the middle of the basket, nestled among the pine cones.

Adding Acorns to the basket

Finally I attached acorns around the edge of the basket using glue dots.  I tried to position the acorns so they were facing all different directions and looked more haphazard and not arranged. The result is an easy centerpiece that adds seasonal interest to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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