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Erase Stress This School Year

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The new school year brings excitement, but it can also bring stress for kids. After all there are new classes, new friends and sometimes new schools, all of which can make kids nervous. My 11th grade son is taking two classes at the local community college this semester – and he is definitely stressed about that! College level classes are harder, and the grades count too.  I am sure he is ready for this next step in his education, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t butterflies in his stomach.

erase stress

One of the biggest issues he will probably have with higher level classes is his messy handwriting. As a homeschooler he doesn’t do as much writing as kids in school, and he has never developed overly legible handwriting. Last year there were a number of occasions he got a math problem wrong because he misread his own handwriting!

Frixion Eraseable Pens

This year he has to turn in homework for his pre-calculus class – which means it has to be readable. So I headed to Target last week and bought him some FriXion erasable pens.

frixion at target

These are not like other erasable pens I have used, because they are Roller Gel pens, not ball point ones. Roller Gel pens are so much nicer to write with because the ink flows smoothly.  I bought a pack of pens in black, blue and red.

My son tested them out on his pre-calculus homework, and found they erased quite cleanly.

frixion collage

Before his math homework frequently looked like this, with lots of cross outs.  It is no wonder he couldn’t even tell what he was doing some of the time!

Messy Math homework

The pens are also going to be great for his World History class.  His sisters had the same teacher, so he knows that the tests will have short answer and essay questions, which have to be handwritten. With erasable pens he can fell confident that he can write his answers and go back and make edits and spelling corrections without the test becoming a mess. It gives him one less thing to worry about!

Another way Pilot is committed to reducing student stress is by partnering with STOMP Out Bullying, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization.  The goal is to build awareness and fund educational programs designed to reduce and prevent bullying in schools across the country.


Every purchase of Pilot’s FriXion Clicker erasable gel ink pens helps fund STOMP Out Bullying programs to ‘erase’ negative bullying behaviors and ‘rewrite’ positive, productive solutions.

Less bullying means less stress for all students.  Join Pilot’s efforts to erase stress! How do you ‘erase the mess’ and ease stress as the school year starts?

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16 thoughts on “Erase Stress This School Year”

  1. I think if the handwriting is awful, this pen will not save 🙂
    But you are right, in studying such things are very helpful, especially if you need to correct grammatical errors, not a stinging sheet. Of course, fixes will be visible, but visually the text will look better.
    In addition, because of frequent corrections, you can often make mistakes. Ie it is admissible in the mathematics exam, you wrote the wrong number, crossed out and corrected it – forgot about it – and the whole example was solved incorrectly due to one mistake in the condition. Mistakes are mechanical, because the whole course of the decision was correct. I’ve come across this quite often, and yes, it’s so annoying

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  8. As the school year comes to an end, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the work and assignments that are left unfinished. Even if you get some things done, there’s bound to be a few things that you missed heardle or forgot about.
    Being stressed out can make it hard to focus at school because your attention is divided between all of the things that need to be done and the stress that you feel from having so much on your mind

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