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Family Game – Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know it Review

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I recently got a chance to review Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It.  This game from Hasbro is very similar to the traditional Trivial Pursuit, with addition of betting.  Before a player answers a question the other players bet on whether or not the question will be answered correctly.  If you bet correctly you double the money you bet.  In a neat twist if you bet that a player will get the question wrong and they answer correctly they get the money.  Having lots of money is useful, because the game allows you to buy pie pieces.  So this makes it possible to get those pie pieces that you never seem to get right.

The addition of betting levels the playing field somewhat, since you can earn money and get pie pieces even if you aren’t great at answering the questions.  I played this game with my in-laws, and we quickly realized that amassing lots of money was a good strategy, so we started betting very heavily.   We bet so much we ran out of money about half way through the game.  We ended up having to keep track of the money on paper.  By the end everyone had enough money to buy all their pie pieces, but you still have to answer a question right to win.

When we first saw this game we figured it would be over quickly, since there are many more pie pieces to land on than in the original game, and you get to try for a pie piece almost every turn.  Boy were we wrong, this game actually took a long time to complete.  We were having so much fun though that even though we had to stop the game to eat dinner everyone wanted to keep going afterwards.

When you are asked a question you get to pick the category you’d like, but the categories can be deceiving.  For example, I picked the category Homer, because I’ve read the Iliad and the Odyssey, so that should be easy right?  It turned out my question was about Homer Simpson, and I got it wrong.   We found it very hard to predict what kind of question we were going to get based on the categories, some were straightforward, but many weren’t.

The ages for the game are 16 and up, and I would say that is accurate. I think anyone much younger than that would find it hard to compete and would have more fun playing on a team with someone older.  My 14 year old daughter played with us, but she did start to find it kind of demoralizing that everyone always bet that she would get the answer wrong.  This game was a big hit with my family, because it made Trivial Pursuit more even and kept everyone in the game to the very end.

Disclosure: I received a game to review, all opinions are my own.

By on January 20th, 2011

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