First Day of School

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Yesterday was our official first day of school.  My kids are at all different stages now, my oldest is starting her senior year of high school as a homeschooler, but she is taking classes part time at the community college.  My 14 year old is starting high school at the local public school, and my 11 year old is homeschooling full time.  My daughter’s community college classes started a few weeks ago, but yesterday was the first time I let her drive herself, so that was a big step.  Unfortunately her college is about an hour away from our house, so it makes for a long trip. 

My 14 year old enjoyed her first day of high school, and it looks like she has decent teachers for French, English and Math.  So hopefully she will have a productive year in school.

I’m behind and still planning my 11 year old son’s curriculum for homeschooling this year.  Right now I have all his books spread out on the dining room table and am trying to schedule everything in.


By next week I should have things organized better, so maybe we actually use the dining room table.

Here is our planned curriculum for the year:

12th Grade – Homeschool/Community College

Fall Semester:

  • finish Algebra II
  • Music Theory
  • English Literature at Community College
  • Anthropology at Community College
  • Chemistry at local homeschool co-op

Spring Semester:

  • Music Theory
  • Environmental Science w/Lab at Community College
  • Spanish at Community College
  • (maybe) Statistics at Community College
  • Chemistry at local homeschool co-op

9th Grade – Public Highschool

  • French II
  • Earth Science
  • Algebra I
  • English 9
  • Global Studies
  • Studio Art

6th Grade – Homeschool

  • Math – Chalkdust Pre-algebra
  • English Grammar/Writing – Lingua Mater
  • Spelling – Megawords
  • Science – Chemistry focus including The Universe in My Hands study, The Elements unit study and the chemistry section of Rainbow Science
  • History – History of the U.S. from 1870s to present, using History of US by Joy Hakim books 8, 9 & 10
  • Music History at local homeschool co-op
  • (maybe) Lively Latin

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  1. SInce we’re homeschooling we don’t really do “back to school” clothes shopping. Love those plaid shorts though, they are really the style this year.


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