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Good Hands for the Good Life

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It is easy to get overwhelmed by fear and doubt, because it seems like bad things can happen at any time.  But good things happen all the time too, and it is important to recognize that and not let the bad predominate.  Watching TV news or reading websites can give you the wrong perspective, since they tend to focus on the bad and sensational, not the simple everyday good that occurs.  This video from Allstate expresses that idea very well, check it out.

Last week my 20 year old, Grace started her new summer job.  She accidentally parked in the wrong half of the parking lot, which is owned by a dentist who had her car towed!  So she came out of her first day of work to find her car gone, and had the hassle and expense of retrieving a car from a tow lot.  So needless to say she did not come home in a good mood!

But after a little time to wind down (and some theraputic ice cream) we all came to the realization that this annoying incident just isn't that big a deal.  Grace has an excellent job this summer, which has regular hours and pays quite a bit more than minimum wage.  She gets to work with children, help the community and she will be gaining valuable work experience. She has a sympathetic family who agree with her that anyone could have missed that "No Parking" sign and are willing to listen to her vent about how stupid it is to have parking lots divided in half by invisible lines.

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This will probably be one of the last summers I have all three of my kids home, since they are growing up and moving on.  So our focus this year is going to be on just enjoying each other's company, and spending time as a family.  We have a simple good life moments to celebrate and enjoy, and not stress about things that don't go perfectly.  You can learn more about the Allstate Good Life, and please share your own good life story with me!

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By on June 1st, 2013

4 thoughts on “Good Hands for the Good Life”

  1. I’m really impressed with the Allstate Foundation and all the work they are doing to help people live better lives. Their Drive It Home program has really helped my family make better teen driving decisions.

    I can identify with your daughter’s story. I was towed when I was 17 and it was because I wasn’t paying attention. Had I parked two spaces over, I would have been fine.

  2. My husband won’t go anywhere other than Allstate. Bummer for your daughter — I did the same thing in college but got a $60 ticket instead!


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