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Paint Chip Calendar and Memo Board DIY Project

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I am trying to be more organized for this school year, so I recently make this Paint Chip Calendar and Memo Board to help the whole family stay on track.

Easy Paint Chip Calendar and Memo Board DIY Project for getting organized for back to school

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I found the inspiration on Pinterest, from this post from DIY Ready, and changed it up by adding a memo board area at the bottom, so we can maintain a running shopping and chore list. The original post used a picture frame as the base, but I used a Kludd glass message board that I bought at Ikea years ago and found sitting in my closet.

Materials for paint chip calendar and memo board

The materials for the project are pretty basic and inexpensive:

  • Glass message board or picture frame
  • 35 Paint Chips
  • 2 pieces of colored card stock
  • glue dots
  • poster board
  • scissors
  • ruler

I got a bunch of paint chips from Lowes in all different colors, and arranged them in 7 color groups with five different shades of each color.

Arranging paint chips for the paint chip calendar

I arranged the colors in a column from lightest to darkest.  Then I cut a piece of poster board the same size as the glass.  I wanted to hang the board vertically, so the calendar is at the top and I had room for memo boards underneath. After doing a little bit of math I decided that cutting the paint chips to 1 3/4 of an inch wide would let me fit all seven days on the calendar.

Cutting paint chips to size

This also meant that most of labels for the paint colors were cut off too, and on the final calendar there are only a few paint chips with a few characters on them. My rotary trimmer made this very easy, because I was able to measure the paint chips as I trimmed them.

Laying out the paint chip calendar

Then I drew lines on the poster board and laid down the paint chips in straight rows and columns.  I added two pieces of cardstock at the bottom to use for a shopping list and chore list.

Memo Board DIY project

The whole project came together quickly and easily.  The only hard part was making sure I was measuring correctly and being precise about laying out straight lines – attention to detail is not my always strong point!

Easy Paint Chip Calendar and Memo Board DIY Project for getting organized for back to school

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