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Peeps Candle Holders for Easter

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Easter will be here before you know it, so I decided to start decorating last week. The weather here is still cold and snowy, so maybe if I start decorating for Spring it will come sooner!

Easter-themed candle holders shaped like Peeps.

Peeps are popular all year round now, but to me they are most traditional at Easter. I always used to love the Peeps in my Easter basket when I was a kid, and I make sure to put some in my kids’ baskets too. But now that I am older I find them too sweet to eat, so they work better as Easter decorations for me.I decided to use the Peeps in some hurricane candle holders that I had in the dining room for an Easter themed decoration. To make the candle holders even more festive I started by putting a layer of jelly beans in the bottom.

Peeps Candle Holders.

Then I topped the jelly beans off with rows of Peeps.  I though using one color of Peeps were candle holder would look best, and I used yellow and purple to get some bright and cheerful colors in the house.

Peeps in glass candle holders on a table.

The Peeps wanted to fall down, so I ended up using cereal blows inside the hurricane glass to push the Peeps up against the glass.  They came out cute, and it only took about 10 minutes to make them from start to finish.  I have been using them on the dining room and kitchen table as centerpieces.

Peeps candle holders.

What Easter decorations are you planning this year?


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  1. Can you light the candle and not have the Peeps get all soft and sticky? It sure is cute, but I’d be worried about having melting Peeps on my hands, LOL!


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