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Pet Adoption Month – Adopt a Dog

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Did you know October is Pet Adoption Month?  There are many dogs who need new loving homes, and this is the perfect time of year to adopt a dog!

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We have adopted both of our dogs from Animal Shelters.  Our older dog, Dodger, was adopted 9 years ago from the local dog pound.  Our new dog, Ziggy, was adopted in the spring from a dog rescue shelter.  We like to adopt shelter dogs because they need a home, and we need a furry friend, so it is a win-win.

Dodger and Ziggy #PedigreeGives #cbias #shopOur two dogs are very happy together.  Dodger has wanted a playmate for a while, and we wish we had gotten one a little sooner, because he tires out more quickly than Ziggy.  But if we had waited we wouldn’t have ended up with Ziggy, who is adorable.  Ziggy loves to cuddle, get his tummy rubbed and play fetch, and he chews everything.  Ziggy is not the brightest dog in the world, but he is very affectionate and loyal!

Ziggy Playing #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

This Pet Adoption Month Pedigree is helping to feed shelter dogs.  When you purchase Pedigree dog products at Sam’s Club during October, the brand will donate one bowl of dog food to a shelter in need.  So you are not  only getting nutritious meals for your pet, but helping other pets too!  When my girls and I heard this we decided we had to get some Pedigree, and we headed to our local Sam’s Club to stock up.

Pedigree at Sams #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

Our Sam’s Club had huge bags Pedigree Dog Food along with boxes of Pedigree Dentastix treats.  The huge bags of food are useful now that we have two dogs, because they go through the food so quickly!  The Sam’s Club is located just 5 minutes away from the shelter we adopted Ziggy from, Helping Hounds Dog Rescue.  So we bought some Pedigree for Dodger and Ziggy, and some to donate to the shelter and headed right over to drop off our donations.

We noticed right away that we are not the only ones who were dropping off Pedigree food, since there was another bag right inside the door.

Donations #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

The staff opened up the Dentastix right way, and one of the doggies got to enjoy his sitting on a couch.

Enjoying Pedigree Dentastix #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

It was a rainy Saturday, so most of the dogs were inside, and thrilled to get attention.  My girls had to pet every dog in the place, and they loved when the dogs licked their faces.  I love dogs, but not licking my face!

Dog Love #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

The girls had fun picking out which type of dog they’d like to get when they finish college and move out on their own.  This was my 18 year old’s favorite dog, Austin, and lucky for him he was adopted that same day!

Cute Dog #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

There were dogs of all ages and sizes, so it is possible to find the qualities you are looking for. The shelter has lots of helpful information too, about what the dog’s temperament, and how much exercise each one needs, so you can really find the perfect dog for your family.

Learn more about how Pedigree supports animal shelters by connecting with them on social media here:

Ziggy enjoying Dentastix #PedigreeGives #cbias #shop

So this month think about whether or not a shelter dog would enrich your family’s life.  The love and affection pets can give is priceless!

Have you ever adopted a shelter dog?

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  1. We too adopted out little mutt — I wouldn’t trade him for anything! I got to take my son to the humane Society and now he’s all about buying the puppies “treats” but I’m ok sigh that!

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