Scrabble Catch Phrase Review and Giveaway

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catch phraseScrabble Catch Phrase is the new version of Catch Phrase from Hasbro.  This new game is the same basic game as the original Catch Phrase, but the words and categories are changed so that it is like a whole new game.  The motto of the game is the “Grab It, Guess It and Pass It Game," and it lives up to that billing.  In this game you are given a word or phrase on the game screen.  You have to give your teammates clues so they can guess the word or phrase.  Once your team has guessed the word you pass it to the other team, and they take a turn.  This continues until the buzzer goes off, at which point whichever team is holding the unit loses.

This is a great game for parties, because it is hilarious to watch people desperately trying to get their message across.  You have to move very fast to keep from getting stuck with the device when the buzzer goes off, so it is like combination of Password and Hot Potato.  We have played the original Catch Phrase many times, and it is a family favorite.  This updated version seems just as fun!  The categories are Fun & Games, Entertainment, Everyday Life, The World, and Variety. 

I am not sure why the game is called Scrabble Catch Phrase, since it doesn’t have any relationship to the classic Scrabble game that I could see.  It is good for taking on picnics or to barbeques, since it is so light and easy to carry.  It is most fun as a group game with 4 or more players, although you can play it with only 2 people by modifying the rules a little.  It is suggested for ages 12 and up, and that seems about right.  It retails for about $23, and is available at Amazon and lots of local retail stores too.

Thanks to Hasbro I have a game to giveaway to one of my readers.  This would make a wonderful Christmas present for anyone who enjoys games.


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