Scribblish Review and Giveaway

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We enjoy playing games together as a family, and are always looking for new games to add to our family game nights. Recently we got the chance to try out Cranium Scribblish a new game from Hasbro. Now we have played Cranium games before, and Cranium Cadoo is a favorite of ours, so we expected this one to be lots of fun too, and it definitely was.

Scribblish is similar to the game of telephone, but combined with Pictionary. The drawing is done on clever little scrolls, which allow you to hide your drawing as you do along.

Each player picks a card, and then selects a phrase from the card to draw on their scroll. They draw the picture, hide the phrase and pass the scroll along to the next person, who has to write what they think the phrase is based on the picture.

Then they hide the picture, pass the scroll on and the next person has to draw the current phrase. It is very simple to play, fast moving, and very funny too. Here are some drawings done by my family –

One phrase went from Bigfoot is in my backyard to House, and another went from The cow learns how to pole vault to The animal jumps over a ball. As you can see from our examples, artistic ability is not necessary to play. There is a way to keep score, but we just ignored that and had fun with the drawings.

The game is designed for 4-6 players ages 8 and up. I really like it when games are designed for more than 4 players, since we have a family of 5 and it is annoying when we can’t all play.

This is one game that it is more fun with more people, and you could easily play with more than 6 by having teams. The game is fun for all ages, although to play you do have to be able to write sentences at least to some extent, so the lower age range of 8 is probably pretty accurate. I think this would be a fun party game, and we are going to try it the next time our cousins are over.

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