Seabear Ready to Eat Wild Salmon Review

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RTESmokedSockeyeWe eat quite a bit of seafood in our house, and salmon is one of my favorites.  It is healthy with lots of Omega 3 fatty acids, it is easy to cook and it tastes great.  So I was happy to receive a package of Seabear’s Ready to Eat Salmon to review.

This ready to eat salmon comes in a portable sealed package, and it is fully cooked, boneless, skinless and lightly flaked.  I thought it tasted much, much better than canned salmon, and it was very moist with excellent flavor. The packages are single servings of 3.5 ounces.  I used mine in a salad, and it made plenty for two servings, but how many it serves will depend on how you use it.

I like the convenience these packages offer, since they don’t need refrigeration and are easy to use and makes a great lunch.  The package contains only 100% wild salmon with a touch of salt.  There are no preservatives or additives.  All the liquid in the pouch is natural oil from the salmon.  Personally I much prefer wild salmon to farmed salmon, and I would guess that is why it tasted so much better than canned!

Seabear has many recipes on their website, so I browsed around to get serving ideas.  They had a recipe for Sunburst Salad which combined the salmon with grapefruit, and looked delicious.  I decided that recipe was a little more complicated than I wanted though, so I just combined the salmon with two sectioned grapefruit, sprinkled it with sunflower seeds and served it over spring mix.  It made a delicious lunch salad.  I would have never thought to combine grapefruit and salmon, but they two tastes worked well together.

Salmon Grapefruit Salad

In addition to the ready to eat salmon, Seabear also sells smoked salmon, frozen fillets and more.  They provide mail delivery anywhere in the U.S. through their webiste,

Disclosure: I received product to review, all opinions are my own.


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