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Spring Tulle Wreath

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It looks like spring might finally be here – our snow is melting and we can actually see grass! To celebrate I made this pretty Spring Tulle Wreath with Butterflies.

A spring wreath made of tulle.

It was very easy to make, and took less than an hour from start to finish.  And it is brightening up my front door now and reminding me that nicer weather will be here soon!


  • 1 roll yellow sparkly tulle
  • 1 roll green sparkly tulle
  • wreath form
  • Butterflies
  • Black beads
  • Straight pins


To make the wreath first I cut the tulle into lengths about 22 inches long. I just cut both rolls of tulle, and that was just the right amount to fill up the wreath form, with a little bit left over from each roll.  Then I took each strip and looped it in half.

A person is making a spring wreath out of green tulle.

I put it under the wreath form and put the ends of the strip through the loop.

A person is making a spring tulle wreath.

Then I pulled the strip tight and pushed it up against the other strips.

A person is holding a spring-inspired tulle wreath.

I alternated yellow and green all the way around the wreath. I didn’t have a matching ribbon to use to hang the wreath, so I braided the 16 inches of left over tulle and used that to make a loop for hanging the wreath.

A person's hand is holding a piece of green yarn for a spring tulle wreath.

To decorate the wreath I put some black and white butterflies on, along with some black beads.

Spring wreath with zebra butterflies.

I was originally planning to use a hot glue gun to attach the butterflies and beads, but then I realized that straight pins pushed into the styrofoam wreath would be much less messy!  I love how bright and cheerful this wreath looks, especially considering how easy it was to make.


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16 thoughts on “Spring Tulle Wreath”

  1. super cute! love all the fluffy green tulle, such a great promise of spring to come! The zebra butterflies though are my favorite part! So free, so fun so BAM! here we are to eat your flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  2. Lovely and beautiful color combination with great creativity!!
    Thanks for sharing easy steps to make beautiful spring tulle wreath.


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