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My Most Valuable Pets

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Our dogs are an important part of our family! I couldn’t imagine being without either of them, because they keep us busy and give us lots of love and attention.


In fact, you could say that our dogs, Dodger and Ziggy are the MVP’s in our family.


Ziggy is young and enthusiastic, while Dodger is older and more reserved. But they both love to play, and their favorite sports are fetching and tug of war.

This winter has been long, cold and snowy, but it doesn’t seem to slow down our dogs at all! They are as active as ever, and love to romp and play in the snow.

ziggy running

Who is the MVP in your family?

By on March 4th, 2015

8 thoughts on “My Most Valuable Pets”

  1. We are trying to bulk our dog up, she is active all year round- lots of treats are in order, and she doesn’t mind. Our pets are like our children so I can completely connect with how you feel about yours!

  2. I won’t lie though, I am a fan of campfire hot dogs because I don’t usually eat them at home. It doesn’t hurt to have an Eagle Scout bf who knows how to cook a steak on a campfire either

  3. I don’t mind dogs- we used to have one when I was little but that many dogs sounds not like my thing at all. I get very nervous around dogs that are jumping and running around. We once went to a baseball game and it turned out to be a “bring your dog to the baseball”, where people paraded on the pitch before it started- weird (and that was Canada not even America!).
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