Caramel Apple Bites

Make cute caramel apple bites on a stick! These are much easier to make than full size caramel apples and won't have you giving up in frustration!

Use a melon baller or metal teaspoon to scoop out round apple balls. Put a lollipop stick in each ball.

Melt caramel bits in a saucepan with a few tablespoons of water. Keep the heat on low and stir constantly!

Take the saucepan off the heat and get ready for dipping. Put the desired toppings on a shallow plate.

Dip the apple bite into the melted caramel. Make sure to blot the apple ball dry with a paper towel before dipping.

Before the caramel hardens dip it into nuts, sparkling sugar, mini chocolate chips or festive sprinkles.

Serve the caramel apple bites within a few hours and enjoy caramel apple flavor with this low effort recipe!