Halloween Bark

Celebrate Halloween with this easy to make Halloween bark! This sweet treat is fun to make and addictive to eat.


orange candy melts white chocolate chips pretzels candy corn assorted Halloween sprinkles

Put the orange wafers in a bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring, until melted. Repeat with the white chocolate chips

Drop spoonfuls of both melted candy colors onto a prepared baking sheet, alternating the orange and white candy.

Use a spatula to spread the chocolate into a thin layer across the baking sheet with a swirled pattern.

Lightly press pretzels and candy corn on top of the melted chocolate. Then add a bunch of Halloween sprinkles.

Put the tray in the fridge for 30 minutes to harden. Then break it into irregular pieces and enjoy the Halloween bark!

Switch up the toppings and add M&Ms, peanut butter cups, nuts or any of your favorite Halloween candy!

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