Homemade Air Fryer  French Bread Pizza

This homemade pizza is perfect for pizza night! Crusty bread is topped with gooey cheese and your favorite toppings in this easy recipe!


Loaf of French bread Pizza sauce Mozzarella cheese Your favorite toppings

STEP 1 Cut the bread into sections that fit in your air fryer. Then cut the sections in half  lengthwise.

STEP 2 Put the bread in the air fryer, cut side down and cook at 350 F for 2 minutes. This helps make the bread crispy instead of soggy.

STEP 3 Take the bread out and spread 2 tablespoons of sauce and cheese on each half. Don't add the toppings yet. Air fry at 350 F for 4 minutes.

STEP 4 Add the pepperoni or other toppings, pressing them down into the cheese to hold them in place. Air fry at 350 F for 2 more minutes.

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