Make JALAPEÑO POPPERS in the air fryer

Fiery jalapeños are stuffed with a cream cheese filling and topped with bacon. Air fry them and this tasty jalapeño popper recipe will be ready in no time!

INGREDIENTS jalapeño peppers cream cheese sharp cheddar cheese onion powder garlic powder cooked bacon

Slice the peppers in half, and then mix cream cheese, cheddar, crumbled bacon and the spices together.

Fill the jalapeño halves with the cream cheese filling. Add some more bacon on top. Air fry at 370 F for 6-8 minutes.

The poppers are done when the cheese is melty and bubbly. They will be very hot, cool them a few minutes before serving.

Serve them with a dipping sauce or on their own for a delicious game day snack the everyone will love!

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