Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

Were you asked to bring a salad to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Here are some delicious Thanksgiving Salad Recipes that are sure to be appreciated!

Ramen Noodle Salad has cabbage and other veggies coated in an Asian inspired dressing. Ramen noodles and texture and crunch in this Thanksgiving salad.

In Broccoli Salad, fresh broccoli is topped off with sunflower seeds, bacon and dried cranberries for seasonal flavor. It makes a great contrast to heavier Thanksgiving sides.

7 Layer Salad is a classic and perfect for a Thanksgiving make ahead dish! Veggies and eggs are topped off with an easy mayonnaise based dressing.

A Tropical Fruit Salad will bring the flavors of summer to your Thanksgiving dinner! Papaya, star fruit and berries make this a family favorite.

Or bring an old fashioned Cherry Salad to Thanksgiving! It is more dessert than a salad, but no one will care because it is so delicious!

Thanksgiving recipes

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