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Yogi & Wazabi – Fun Party Games

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wazabi and yogi games

My family and I enjoy playing games together! It is a great way to connect and keep family bonds strong. Recently we had the chance to try two fun new party games from Gigamic – Yogi and Wazabi. My 21 year old daughter invited her boyfriend over for dinner, and after dinner was the perfect time to try out some new games and spend some time enjoying each other’s company and laughing together. And with the holidays fast approaching a new game is a fantastic stocking stuffer idea!


Yogi is a fast moving and active party game which is easy to learn. You draw a card, and then do whatever the card tells you to do – which sounds simple, but isn’t. The cards instruct you to do things like cover your eye with a card, or touch your palm and index finger. The trick is that once you get a card you have to keep doing the action, even as you add more and more cards to the mix.

Eleanor playing game with card in glasses

It quickly becomes very difficult (and amusing) to keep all the twisting, turning and silly poses required! We found that 3-4 cards was pretty easy to maintain but after that it took some serious ingenuity and luck to keep from dropping a card or letting a pose slip and losing. This game is great for a large group or an ice breaker because the poses are impossible to do without laughing. My daughter says we need to take this to my son when we visit him at college next month, because the game is perfect the dorm.

playing yogi

The game includes instructions both for team play and for a solo variation, so it is very versatile and would work for a wide range of groups, making it a both a family game and a party game!


Wazabi is a dice game that is also very easy to learn. Each player starts with four dice and the object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all your dice.

wazabi dice game

When it is your turn you roll your dice and the special symbols on the dice let you either play a card, get rid of dice, or draw more cards. The cards give you chances to get rid of even more dice by return them to the middle or giving them to one of your opponents. This game moves very fast, and we found that fortunes could change quickly. One turn you are down to one dice and think you have a shot to win, and the next thing you know everyone else has ganged up on you and you are losing again. The less dice you have the harder it is to get rid of them.

rolling the dice and playing wazabi

The fast game play and quickly changing fortunes makes this a game that stays exciting, because you are never out of the game, and always seem to be a roll or two away from winning (or losing).

Connect with Gigamic

You can connect with Gigamic on social media and see more shots of these games in action here:

You can also read my previous review of Gigamic’s Katamino and Panic Lab to learn more about some of the other quality games they offer. You can purchase the games at your local game store or online at Amazon.

Gigamic Sarl Yogi Board GameGigamic Sarl Yogi Board GameWazabi Board GameWazabi Board Game

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