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  1. I came across your blog on Pinterest and was intrigued when I saw your page name! I’m from the Syracuse NY area too !!

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  3. I think you misspelled the word “tant” on your website. If you want to keep errors off of your site we’ve successfully used a tool like in the past for our websites. A nice customer pointed out our mistakes so I’m just paying it forward :).

  4. This is the first time I have come across your site because I LOVE blueberries and was intrigued by your blueberry upside down cake which I intend to try! You look way too young to have been married 30 plus years!!!

  5. I really don’t understand how you think the chile relleno recipe is in any way “authentic”. Have you never eaten chile in New Mexico?

  6. Could you also let me know do you have any gluten free or lactose-free recipes especially some soups like cream of something soup vegetable soups or chicken soups or fish soups and also any ways to implement that in a root pies fruit pies if possible and what’s the best oil to use too to cook fish chicken and things of that nature that’d be interesting to know how to air fry what’s the best air fryer are ninjas good cuz I’m looking to get one soon I have a friend that’s like an aunt she has about four or five of them but she’s very veganish health holistic so as my cousin by the way have family right there in New York City New York East New York Brooklyn Manhattan all over the place I hope you’re well thank you when you have time

  7. I was looking for a toasted ravioli recipe and came to your blog. I was intrigued when I saw upstate and then saw you were in Syracuse. I’m in Sacramento now, but was born in Cortland and grew up in Liverpool. Went to Le Moyne and got my MS from SU. Hopefully we’ll do better next year. Go Orange !

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  10. Jack from Jersey and it’s blueberry time in Hamilton New Jersey and I have to say your blueberry upside down cake is off the chain and not to hard to prepare speaking from a novice baker.


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