Wordless Wednesday – Cape Cod Road Trip

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Last Friday I had to make an unplanned trip to Cape Cod.  So I woke my 17 year old up at 6:15am and told her if she wanted to visit the ocean she had 15 minutes to get ready!  She has been begging to go to the ocean, so she was out of bed and dressed in record time.

The Knob Cape Code

Cape Cod is not really a day trip from our house, since is is over 5 hours away, but we did it anyway.  After I finished my errand we spent about 4 hours exploring beaches, and had fun finding shells and walking along the beach.

Selfie at Cape Cod

Beach at Cape Cod

We had gorgeous spring weather, and since it is off season everything was deserted and private.

Sailboat at Cape Cod

I had never been to Cape Cod before, but we are definitely planning to go back another time, so we can spend more time exploring and enjoying the scenery.

The Knob, Cape Code MA


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