A Homeschool Day in our Life– with a 17 and 11 year old


Simple Homeschool has been running a series detailing different bloggers homeschool days, so I though I’d join in.  My homeschooling this year has run very smoothly, partly because of the ages and temperaments of my kids.  My oldest, Grace, is 17, and a senior.  She mostly works independently, and is only doing two classes at home, Algebra II and Latin.  She also does a chemistry class at a co-op and 2 college classes, but those don’t involve me.  My middle daughter, Eleanor, chose to attend the local high school, so I only have to help her with homework.  My son Robert is in 6th grade, and he is diligent and works quickly.  So we have been able to add in quite a few outside activities this year.  We don’t necessarily  have “typical” days, but here is how things went on Wednesday. 

I get up at 6:30 to make sure Eleanor gets up and gets on the school bus.  Then I have time to check emails and blog until the kids get up.  On  Wednesday there is a homeschool gym my son goes to sometimes, but it isn’t a structured class, it is just a chance to run around a gymnastics center with his friends.  Today it is snowing, so I decide it is not worth braving a snowstorm for. 

9am – 11:30am

I let Robert determine the order he does his subjects in, with the requirement that math and language arts have to be done before lunch.  Today he decides to start off with a spelling test, and then we do language arts.  Right now we are doing a unit study on folktales around the world, as a break from the more grammar intensive program we were doing before the holidays.  We work on that together, and go over his math assignment.   Then he goes off to read a biography of St. Thomas Aquinas for religion, complete his math problems and do his history reading.

He doesn’t really need me for any of that, so I start Algebra II with Grace.  Grace does not like math, and it seems like every time she gets a college acceptance in the mail she becomes less and less motivated.   But we are three chapters from the end of the book, so we struggle through a Trigonometry section and she goes off to her room to complete her problems.  Her community college classes don’t start until next week, so she has a light load right now. 

11:30- 12:30 pm

After Robert finishes his work it is getting close to lunch time, so I send him outside to shovel the steps and tell him it is his turn to cook lunch.  He protests, but ends up making macaroni and cheese for us.  After lunch Grace snow blows the driveway, and Robert takes the dog out to run in the snow.

12:30-2:30 pm

Then it is time for Robert’s Latin and science.  We are using Lively Latin, and it doesn’t take very long for him to complete.  For science he is studying chemistry, and we are using a curriculum called The Elements.  Today we are learning about metals, and for an experiment create a replica of the first battery using pennies, aluminum foil and napkins.  We can’t get it to actually work, but we have fun making it anyway.


Grace is still working on the driveway, and then goes on Facebook while waiting for me to be available for her Latin lesson.  She should practice piano, but she doesn’t.

2:30- 5:00

Robert is done with his schoolwork by now, so he finishes up a clay project he started at a co-op on Monday.  Grace and I go over her Latin lesson and then get set up for a major art project.  She has to create a project for a college scholarship competition in a few weeks, and is planning to make a mixed media collage.  Today she is painting paper in various colors to use in the collage.  We clear off the dining room table, cover it with a shower curtain and make a huge mess.  Of course Robert has to paint too, and Eleanor gets home during this and joins in.


Our Wednesday evening are usually very busy, but the snowstorm changes that.  I decide it is too snowy to go to Eleanor’s ballet class, Robert’s Boy Scout meeting is cancelled, and Grace is not scheduled to work.  So we have an unusually quiet afternoon and evening, and paint lots of pictures.


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    I am here from Simple Homeschool. Enjoyed reading how your day with older kids goes. I am always looking for information as to how older kids schedule and independently accomplish their work. My two oldest are 12 and 13 so high school feels quite upon us. Thanks for the ideas your post prompted.

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    Thanks for sharing! High school homeschool is so different from those wonderful free and exciting days with young kids! My 16-year-old also works on her own except for some maths and science tutoring we do together. Enjoy your homeschool days!

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