Super Bowl Cupcakes

Last night I was browsing around on pinterest and pinning Super Bowl food.  I saw some cool desserts, so I decided to make NY Giants cupcakes and cakepops for the game.  They didn’t turn out nearly as cute as I was hoping!

New York Giants Cupcakes

My son made helpful comments like, “Well at least you got the right colors.”  The cakepops were a total mess.  First the dog ate the candy wafers for coating them, and then after I bought new wafers I overheated them and ended up with a congealed glob.  So they mostly have chocolate coating, because I wasn’t going out to get candy wafers a third time.

NY Giant Cake Pops

But they all taste good anyway.  This is more what I was hoping for though,

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

 I think you can tell who my family is rooting for tomorrow, how about you, Giants or Patriots?


  1. Christina Almond says

    Awww…I think they still look pretty good! :) And hey…they are getting eaten up anyhow!

    So far as who I am rooting for…well…I’m slightly impartial so won’t be too disappointed either way but…I admit that my son does like the Patriots so if I had to choose…sorry! 😉

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