Wordless Wednesday–Frog Catching

We visited a local park over the weekend and my girls had a blast trying to catch frogs.

Cute Frog in the Pond

Searching for Frogs

The big frogs got away, but they did manage to catch a little one that still had a tail from being a tadpole.

Frog that was a Tadpole recently


  1. Glenda Cates says

    My son should have been with them he loves catching frogs. He has been doing it a lot since we moved into out new home and he lets them sleep in my shower as he does not want them to get hurt. Anyway I also have a ww up and I hope you can stop by it at Today’s Wordless Wednesday mommiespov.com/multiple-personalities-coffee-infographic/

  2. says

    Great pictures – I love how green it looks in the first picture.

    We have lots of frogs and turtles living around our house – we always have them in the backyard. But, I don’t think I’ve seen one that still has a tail… pretty cool.

  3. says

    My boys are always catching things and bringing them into my house—ewww! lol I just posted photos of them releasing a turtle yesterday. :)

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