Doggie Treat Jars for the Holidays

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Doggie treat jars.

Do you have pets who deserve presents this holiday season? Our dogs and cats give us love all year round, so make sure you remember them and make them something special, like these Doggie Treat Jars.

Two jars labeled "Doggie Treat".

I realized over the weekend that I had not gotten presents for the pets in my extended family! Luckily there are quick and easy pet present ideas at the Purina Pet Park on I decided to make the Mason Treat Jars for Domino, my sister in law’s dog, and Teddy, my great aunt’s dog. So I made a quick trip to Walmart to get some Alpo Variety Snacks from Purina, because I know all dogs love snacks. The jars are simple to make, so they are perfect for a last minute present.

A doggie treat jar filled with a variety of treats.


  • Purina treats
  • Purina gift tag templates
  • Mason jar and lid
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch


  1. Pour the treats into the Mason jars. One box of the Alpo Dog Snacks just filled 2 of my Mason jars. There were a few extra snacks left, but my dogs helpfully ate those for me, so I didn’t have any extra.
  2. Cut a fabric circle about 2 inches larger than the Mason Jar lid. Put the inner lid on the jar, lay the fabric on top and screw the outer ring of the lid on for a decorative top.A fabric-covered mason jar for Doggie Treat jars.
  3. Print out the Purina gift tag (found here) and cut it out. Label it for your favorite furry friend. I naturally had the treat come from our two dogs, Ziggy and Dodger.Keywords: Paw print, gift tag
  4. Punch a hole in the tag and thread the ribbon through. Tie it in a bow around the lid. That is it, 5 minutes and your gift is ready!

Of course these jars would be great for cats too! I realized after I made the treat jars that I need a present for my mother in law’s cat, Thunder, too. Luckily there are over $9 in coupons available on the Purina Pet Park website:

A dog wearing reindeer antlers with the text Doggie Treat jars & save.

So I will pick up some Friskies treats for Thunder. Meanwhile my dogs are busy resting up for the big holiday, and no doubt dreaming of all the treats they will be getting from family and friends!

A dog laying on a bed with Doggie Treat jars nearby.

What are you doing for your pets this holiday season?


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