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Easter Eggs with Natural Dye

Dyed eggs

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Every year at Easter the children and I enjoy dyeing Easter eggs with natural dyes. We started doing this years ago, when my oldest was enrolled in a Waldorf enrichment program. When they told us to use natural materials to dye the eggs I thought it was kind of silly, after all food coloring is cheap and easy. But once I did it once I was hooked, since it is fun to see the amazing variety of colors that can come from nature. To dye the eggs you take the materials, put them in a pot with a few cups of water, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and simmer for an hour or so. This creates a liquid dye in which you can soak the hard boiled eggs. We usually soak the eggs in the refrigerator overnight so the colors get nice and dark. The eggs above are the ones we have made so far this year. The dark orange egg was made using yellow onion skins, the light orange was made with chili powder, and the blue/purple one was make using blueberries. Next week we will make some more using spinach for green eggs, turmeric for bright yellow eggs and beets for pink eggs. We usually do 3 or 4 eggs at a time of one color, since trying to do too many colors at once ends up with every saucepan and burner in use. I also like the fact that this spreads out the egg coloring, so it is an on-going Easter project, not just a one time event.

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