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Easter Peeps Garland

Looking for a simple Easter decoration? Check out this Easter Peeps Garland I made – it is fast, easy, cheap and quite cute!

Easy Easter Garland made of Peeps and Jelly Beans

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To make the Peeps garland I gathered two packages of Peeps along with a whole bunch of jelly beans. Then I threaded a needle with white thread and started stringing Peeps interspersed with jelly beans.

Easy Easter Garland made of Peeps and Jelly Beans

I sprayed the needle with cooking spray before I started, which make it go through the Peeps easier and kept it from getting too gooey from the marshmallow.

After I made a couple of garlands I taped them from to the fireplace mantle, letting them dangle down for Easter color. I made mine only about 1 foot long, because I needed to keep them out of reach of the dogs! This was a fun craft because it was so easy to make, and it is bright and colorful. It makes an eye-catching decoration hanging from the mantle!

Easy Easter Garland made of Peeps and Jelly Beans

This is an easy craft for older kids too, although you do have to allow for some sampling of the ingredients if kids are working on it!  It would work for all kinds of seasons, since Peeps seem to be around for many holidays now. You could use snowmen at Christmas, or ghosts for Halloween. Let me know what easy Easter decorations you are planning this holiday season!

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