Easy Valentines for Boys

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Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, so it is time to get creative and make some cards! Homemade Valentine’s are the best, but many of them are just too cutesy for boys.  So I have been scouring Pinterest for easy Valentine’s Day ideas that my son can make and give, and he prefers funny and creative Valentines.

Easy Valentine's Ideas that are not sappy and will appeal to boys

When I was a kid we always just bought a cheap set of Valentine’s at the grocery store, punched them out and addressed them.  But it really is easy and cheap to make something more special.  There are many different ideas online, and in most cases all you have to do is pick a craft, download a printable and start crafting.  My son wants something that does not go overboard on hearts, flowers or glitter.  I want something that is easy enough for him to do himself, because while I don’t mind helping him look for ideas I am not making the Valentines, he is!

These twelve projects have a nice variety of ideas, including Legos, Monsters, Robots and Mustaches.  My son is leaning towards the Minecraft ones, since all his friends are into playing Minecraft.  But I am sure whatever he picks he will be making at the last minute!

Are your kids making Valentine’s this year?


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18 thoughts on “Easy Valentines for Boys”

  1. As a mom of two boys, THANK YOU for compiling this list. There are some great valentine ideas out there, but a lot of them just don’t resonate with my boys. I think we may have to go with the LEGO one – what a fun and simple idea. I could even go to our local LEGO store and get a single LEGO man for each kid.

  2. These are so cute! I love the pink piggy and the robots, they are to die for! It kinda makes me feel sorry for myself that I don’t get such cool cards anymore 🙂 This yeas my daughter gave cupcakes instead of cards, so we didn’t make any cool cards, but next year we’ll definitely try.


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