Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos

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I love using candy molds to make decorative cookies, because it is so easy and the result looks cool.  These cookies are always a huge hit at parties, and look like they took much more effort than they really did. I made these Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos in multiple colors of candy, but even if you make them all one color to save time they still look and taste amazing.

Chocolate Covered Halloween Oreos

To make the multi-colored design start by melting a small amount of colored melting chocolate, and then use a food safe paint brush to fill the design in the mold.

Filling the candy molds

Using a paint brush helps make sure that there aren’t air bubbles in the final result.  Tapping the molds on the table also helps the chocolate settle down evenly into the molds.

Making Candy Oreos

After the molds are filled you need to let the designs harden completely, which involves a little patience. After a few hours it it is time to melt the chocolate to cover the Oreo cookies.  You want to make sure the chocolate doesn’t get too hot, because it can slightly melt the designs that are already in the mold.  So don’t overheat it!

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Fill the molds about 1/3 of the way full with chocolate, and then gently push a cookie into the mold. Let the chocolate harden and your creation is complete.

Chocolate Covered Halloween Oreo Cookies

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