Moments of Connection with Coffee

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Now that my children are growing up and starting to branch out on their own it can be hard to stay connected with them!  My oldest daughter has her own apartment and is very busy with her college schedule  My middle daughter is attending college part time and working, and it seems like she is always on the go.  So when we have the chance to get together we like to make the moment count, and coffee can help make simple moments more special.

Nothing warms up a chilly fall day like a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee.  My girls love to drink coffee, and they especially like specially flavored coffee.  There is no black coffee for them – they like variety and fun seasonal flavors. This time of year nothing is more seasonal than Pumpkin Spice!

When my girls come over we love to make time to share a cup of coffee and sit and talk about everything.  My husband and son are not coffee drinkers, so sharing coffee is the perfect time for girl talk.  Which college classes are the most work?  Do they have any cute guys as lab partners? What are their plans for Halloween?

I find the girls are more talkative if I make sure there is food and drink for us to share. Flavored Coffee-mate and some muffins are our favorite treats! I rarely bother to make specialty coffee drinks, for me just brewing a big pot of coffee and having Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Mocha creamer is exotic enough.

Sometimes it seems like life is just whizzing by, and the chance to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with my daughters is not to be missed. Now that they are almost grown up and gone it is even more important to cherish the time we have together.

Moments of Connection with Coffee #shop


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  1. Coffee….oh coffee…the only thing I would probably hyperventilate if it got taken away from me 😉 I love Coffee Mate creamers and buying the Pumpkin Spice one screams FALL. Love making cafe beverages with it at home!


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