Simple Duck Tape® Keychain for Back to School

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Duck Tape® is a useful product for crafts and back to school projects. It comes in such a great variety of colors and patterns, which make it perfect for hundreds of uses. This fall I wanted to make a simple keychain to keep the spare key to my daughter’s college apartment on.  We have a whole bowl of keys in the front hallway, and it is much more convenient to have them on unique, easy to identify keychains, so I don’t end up grabbing the wrong one!

Duck Tape KeyChainSo I picked up some Duck Tape® at Walmart to use to make a keychain.  I had some solid colors at home, but I though it would be fun to pick one of the cool patterns that are available now.  I chose a brightly colored peacock feather pattern and set out to make this very easy craft.

It was almost embarassingly simple to make, but here are the steps.

  1. Measure the tape to the desired length.  I used 11 inches so it would fit around my wrist comfortably.
  2. Fold the tape over on itself so all of the sticky side is covered and you have a long strip of tape.
  3. Loop the strip of tape through the key ring.  Cut another piece of tape that is about 1/2 an inch long.  Wrap the small strip around the loop to fasten the ends together and keep the loop on the key ring.

It took less than 5 minutes to make, and that includes finding a pair of scissors and a ruler!  Now when I need a key to my daughter’s apartment at school I can grab it easily and know I have the right key.

You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart and make your own fun projects for back to school.  It is perfect for making teacher gifts, and my 17 year old likes to use it to decorate her notebooks. It is a creative and inexpensive tool for both teachers and students.

If you are looking for project ideas don’t forget to follow @TheDuckBrand for tons of creative inspiration.

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  1. how cool! I love that pattern, too – there are some really cool colors/patterns of duck tape these days! I have some University of Minnesota duck tape that is my favorite.


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