Tenzi Game Review

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My family loves to play games together, and my preference is for ones that aren’t too complicated.  We have some games that take 20 minutes just to set up, which is fine when we have an entire evening for game playing.  But sometimes we want something that is quick to play and doesn’t take a lot of strategy, so we can fit it into our busy schedule.

Tenzi is a new dice game that is perfect for a quick, fun, family game.  In this game everyone gets 10 dice, and then rolls and rolls as fast as they can until some gets all ten dice on the same number.  It is very simple to play, but lots of fun.

tenzi dice gameIt is surprising how long it can take to get all ten dice on one number!  Sometimes it seems like it takes 5 minutes to get that last number to turn up.  One of the nice things about this game is that luck is the biggest factor, so even young children can win.  It can get frustrating for my youngest when he doesn’t win the games we play very often, so a game like this is nice.  We find that this game usually stays fairly even, with everyone winning their share of the games.

Tenzi also includes a bunch of variations that add excitement and variety to the game play.  We tried the Tenzi Tower variation.  In this game instead of moving your successfully rolled dice to one side you stack them one on top of the other.  The first player to get all ten dice stacked is the winner.  This make the game much more challenging, since our piles of dice tended to fall over when we got the stack about seven dice high.  Some other possible variations include adding a time factor and using twenty dice instead of ten.

You can buy Tenzi on their website, and at only $14.95 it would make a great stocking stuffer for almost anyone.

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