Thumbprint Flower Pot

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Looking for a cute and easy way to bring Spring inside? This Thumbprint Flower Pot is an easy spring craft that will brighten up your house!

Thumbprint flower pot with yellow daffodils.

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Last week my daughter bought me a mini-daffodil plant, because she knows they are my favorite flower. Flowers are a great way to brighten up the winter doldrums and remind ourselves that spring is just around the corner!

So I asked my daughter to make me some flower pots to hold the daffodils, along with some herbs that I have had sitting on the window sill in the kitchen. She found this pin on Pinterest which made thumbprint polka dots all over a terracotta flower pot, and changed it up by making thumbprint butterflies on the flower pots.

See how to make the flower pots:

Three flower pots with butterflies painted on them.

The craft is very simple to make, and the supplies are inexpensive. It is a great craft for kids to make because it is so simple, and it would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or a spring birthday.

Thumbprint Flower Pot


A paint brush, paint, and paint pots on a table.

  • Terracotta flower pot
  • acrylic paint in multiple colors
  • paint brush
  • paper plate
  • permanent marker
  • plants


First I painted a colored stripe around the top edge of the flower pot. I used blue and yellow paint for bright and cheerful spring colors.

A blue paint brush is being used to paint a clay pot.

Next my daughter put some paint on a paper plate, and used her thumb to make a butterfly shape on the flower pot. The pots we used were small, so there was only room for one butterfly.

A person is painting a flower pot with yellow and blue paint.

After the paint was dry I used a permanent marker to make a body and antenna for the butterfly. Then I took the daffodils and herbs out of their original pots and planted them in the new ones.

Daffodils in a blue pot on a wooden deck.

Now I have cheerful butterfly flowerpots on my kitchen window sill, and I love the way they brighten up the whole room!


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3 thoughts on “Thumbprint Flower Pot”

  1. I love daffodils, too! They are always some of the first flowers to come up in spring. Now I want to get mini ones in a pot so I can do thumbprint butterflies. This is such a cute craft!

  2. Our daffodils just started popping through the ground this week. This pot would make the perfect Easter or Mother’s Day gift. Grandma will love it with the kid’s thumbprints.


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